Rf Amplifier

IFI-Instruments for Industry; Established in 1959 Amplifier and RF / MW is a US company engaged in the manufacturing of its products.

RF Amplifier series in; Tetrode Tube, Solid State, TWT, milimeter, EW / ECM product family with RF Amplifier Module RF / MW are produced in the accessories area.

tetrode_tube_amp CW_Power_Amp Solid_State_Amp TWT_Amp Millimeter_Amp
Tetrode Tube Amp CW Power Amp Solid State Amp TWT Amp Millimeter Amp
Ew_ECM_Amp RF_Microwave_Amp RF_Amp_Module RF_Accessories
EW/ECM Amp RF Microwave Amp RF Amp Module RF Accessories

IFI, a wide range of broadband, standard and wide-band frequency band RF Microwave High Power Amplifiers, Medium Power Amplifiers and RF Microwave RF Microwave Power Amplifiers Low is making the design and production. These RF Microwave Amplifier EMC, EW, and EMI testing is used in laboratory applications.

RF Amplifier types can be listed as TWT (Travelling Wave Tube Amplifiers), Tetrot Tube Amplifiers, Solid State Amplifiers, CW, Pulse TWTA and Millimeter Amplifiers.

At the both ranges Wideband and Broadband, RF Microwave Amplifier in Gallium Nitride (GaN) amplifiers were used the latest technology such as existing technology.

IFI's Indoor and Outdoor RF microwave amplifiers are used for testing applications in both commercial and military.

RF / MW for the application of RF cables, components, connectors and other fasteners are in our sales portfolio.