Border and Environmental Safety

Sadtek Electronics; border and perimeter security against external threats to the private and military offers customized solutions with Francis Projectors.

400 m - 22 Km Projectors / Active Light Power, High Performance

Police station and Environmental Safety, Marine and Military Applications.

Remote Control Facilities up to 2 Km Fiber Cable with Network Infrastructure

Bulletproof Body Structure Feature projectors

Lighting Facilities with infrared filter

Surveillance Thermal Camera

Effective Use of Guard Towers and Focus Feature

Signal Communications, Aldis-El-Morse Beacons.

Search and Rescue Operations.

Xenon, Emarc, Halogen, Long Distance Projector Metal Halide.

Manually or with remote control, 12 Vdc, 24 Vdc, 110 VAC-60 Hz, 220 VAC 50Hz

Architecture and visual light show.