Our Solutions

Hyperspectral Applications

Sadtek Electronics, offers electro-optical systems and solutions for emerging technologies along. ELECTRO OPTICAL technologies developed every day of defense and aviation, research, surveillance, target acquisition, target or object is an important element of the definition.

Beyond what is visible to the human eye, offering extra support to users with the ability to interpret and analyze these technologies, we provide solution-oriented products with 100% domestic systems engineering. We work PRODUCT focused our R & D activities. Hyperspectral imaging with 400-1000 nm spectral data are collected hundreds of narrow wavelength band width in the range.

With the software we developed , we offer material recycling domain decomposition, such as freshness control and detection of damaged food for the food industry and unique solutions for many different industries and applications.


Border and Environmental Safety

Sadtek Electronics; border and perimeter security against external threats to the private and military offers customized solutions with Francis Projectors.

400 m - 22 Km Projectors / Active Light Power, High Performance

Police station and Environmental Safety, Marine and Military Applications.

Remote Control Facilities up to 2 Km Fiber Cable with Network Infrastructure

Bulletproof Body Structure Feature projectors

Lighting Facilities with infrared filter

Surveillance Thermal Camera

Effective Use of Guard Towers and Focus Feature

Signal Communications, Aldis-El-Morse Beacons.

Search and Rescue Operations.

Xenon, Emarc, Halogen, Long Distance Projector Metal Halide.

Manually or with remote control, 12 Vdc, 24 Vdc, 110 VAC-60 Hz, 220 VAC 50Hz

Architecture and visual light show.


Electronic Warfare and Radar Systems

We perform our R & D activities like RF Switching, Ka Band, DF antenna with LVDS Signal Converter units in the design of various components thereof working in the 2-18 GHz RF band.

2-18 GHz RF Switching Unit

LVDS Signal Converter Unit

2-18 GHz DF Antenna

GPS Antenna Rf Signal Separator