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IDEF 2015 Fair,MS spectral solution partnership with Sadtek

IDEF'15 Defence Industry Fair

Sadtek; IDEF'15 Defence Industry Fair; 10. hall, on Stand 1003 ...


Sadtek;Aerospace and Defence participated in the International Conference in Ankara.

Sadtek Electronics; Aerospace and Defence participated in the International Conference in Ankara.

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Our company became a member of OSSA.

Our company became a member of OSSA.

Sadtek Electronic OSTIM Joins Defense and Aerospace Cluster since July 2013.
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General Standard Company

Our company has been an authorized dealer of Turkey ,General Standard of the company in 2013.

IFI-Instruments for Industry

Sadtek Electronics has been authorized reseller in Turkey of IFI-Instruments for Industry in 2013.

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Electronic structure Francis Aldis Sadtek-FSP 127 (Aldis - El Morse Lighthouse); ALDIS-Signal Communication (Day Indicator) certification began with stock sales from Turkey.

Military and Industrial Type Connectors

Defense, aerospace and military type used in industrial applications, fiber optic, RF and data connectors are selling.

Askeri ve Endüstriyel Tip Konnektörler

Electronic bus Cards

Analog I/O Boards, Digital I/O Boards, Serial I/O Boards, Data Acquisition I/O Boards, PCI-Express, PXI, PMC, PC/104-Plus, PCI, cPCI, CCPMC, PC/104-Express, PCI-X, cPCI-X, XMC, VME


Our new Connector Series

Our new Connector Series

5015 Connectors, 26482 Connectors, 38999 Connectors, 39029 Contacts, ATEX Explosion-Proof Connectors, BACC 45 & 63 Connectors, D-Subminiature, Hermetic Connectors, High-Speed Connectors, M23 A&B Series, M40 Series, Micro-D / 83513 Connectors, Micro-Miniature Circular Connectors, Push-Pull Connectors, Quadrax Connectors, Space Grade Connectors


Francis Searchlights

Francis Remote and Manual (Manual) ,Search and Rescue Control Lite Series Projectors
Searchlights Application: watch towers, Environmental Security, Long Distance Lighting, search and rescue, military veticar Ship Projectors.

ESC Military Type Relays

Military Type Relay, Time Delay Relays, Voltage Level Sensors (DC and AC), current sensors, frequency sensors


Alternative Solutions from Cooltron

4650Z, W2S130-AA25-01, W2E200-HK38-01, W2E250-HL06-01 alternative solutions to this series from Cooltron.

4650Z 119 x 119 x 38 mm 230VAC , FA1238S22T7C-93, 4414 F 119 x 119 x 25 mm 24V DC,FD1225B24W5-81-2R,W2S130-AA25-01 170x150x55mm 115VAc FA1755B22W7C-51, W2E250-HL06-01 280X280X80 mm 230 VAC, AA2V250-80T-FMC-B1-2C