The way to divert our units to meet the demands of our customers, R & D and production.

R & D activities; electronic hardware design, embedded software development, computer software development and mechanical design in 4 different disciplines are coordinated and effective work.

1411473879_ok-blueElectronic Circuit Design

1411473879_ok-blueEmbedded Software and Interface

1411473879_ok-blueMechanical Design and Manufacturing

1411473879_ok-blueTesting and Engineering Services

Sadtek electronics, from 2003, was developed to meet the specific requirements of our customers to this day.

For Private Sector and Defense Industrial Technologies our product range is as follows;Electro Optic Systems, Camera Systems, RF Systems, Analog and Digital Kartal, Information and Communication Board, Mechanical Housing Construction, LED technology.

To solve our customer’s problems fastly , smoothly,we are using latest microprocessor technology.